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Internal Strap type - Suitable for Rubber or Metal Stems. 

Kit comes complete with Monitor, Handlebar Mount and 2 Internal Sensors.

Whether riding your bike for pleasure, commuting or competition, safety is paramount. Through technology TPMS gives the rider: 


  • Real-time Tyre Pressure and Temperature reading
  • Battery voltage monitoring
  • Improved riding safety
  • Easy Installation
  • Additional tank mount available

We stock Black or Silver Display Units - Please advise when ordering which you would like.

How TPMS Works:


Sensor/ Transmitter fitted inside tyre to ensure accurate real-time Pressure and Temperature reading. Secured around rim by stainless steel strap.

Data transmitted wirelessly using RF technology, simultaneously displayed on Receiver.
Receiver has built-in antenna and waterproof up to IP66
Real time detection and warning for :
High/Low Pressure and High Temperature*
Fast leak
Slow leak (Continuous air loss over set period of time)
Easy replacement of sensor/transmitter during tyre change


*High/Low Limits can be set by users easily according to bike specification/ tyre maker recommendation


We Stock 2 Sensor Types:


There are two different types of tyre pressure monitoring systems available for motor cycles - the internal strap type and external cap type.


Internal Strap type - Suitable for Rubber or Metal Stems


The strap / band type TPMS is mounted with a stainless steel strap on to each wheel of the vehicle. This type of TPMS provides a much more accurate reading than the cap type but it may need to be fitted by a garage due the tyre needing to be removed (wheels may require balancing after fitting). The battery is better protected because it is in a sealed unit, however, on the down side it means that it cannot be replaced.


Package contents 

User Manual1
TPMS Internal Sensor / Transmitter2
TPMS Receiver1
Handlebar Receiver Mount1
Steel Strap2
Valve Protector2
Power Line1


See description
Universal Fitment - Internal banded Sensors are suitable for all types on bike

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  • Brand: Mobiletron
  • Type: Internal sensors mounted on a strap around the rim.
  • Note: Universal Fitment
  • £143.99

  • Ex Tax: £119.99

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