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Replicate your Tire Pressure Sensors & Other TPMS Services

Why do I need to clone my original sensors?

When you install new TPMS Sensors your car needs to 'pair' with them in order to communicate. This pairing procedure is known as the relearn procedure and is set by the vehicle manufacturer. There are three main relearn types: Driving, In Car Controls or by OBD Diagnostics

OBD Diagnostic Relearns

This isn't a DIY relearn unless you have the specific TPMS diagnostics available.

We offer this service via our Autocentre based near Blackburn, Lancashire; using our recommended Diagnostic and Programming tool the TS601 - Typical cost from £50

If you don't have the original sensor ID's available then cloning isn't an option - you will need to go through the OBD relearn.

TPMS Cloning Service

At TPMS Warehouse we have the ability to clone your existing TPMS OEM sensors that are registered to your vehicle's ECU. This means that once you install the new TPMS sensors you can avoid having to reprogram the ECU and will avoid the dash error lights, as your vehicle will recognise them as if they were the originals.

To do this we will need your existing sensor ID’s – these are printed on the sensor body or we can wirelessly read the ID if the sensor is still transmitting.

To take advantage of this FREE Cloning service* using the Make Model and Year lookup on our homepage and simply order one of our Universal Programmable Sensors supplying your ID’s on the product configuration page, in the event that we require this information to programme your sensors and it hasn't been supplied we will contact you to advise.

*Cloning is only available on certain universal sensors that are compatible with your vehicle

Cloning your existing sensors will ensure:

  • Save time with relearn procedures
  • Saving money on programming costs
  • There is a seamless transition from Summer to Winter Wheels and back again.
  • You will always have a spare in case of premature failure or damage.

Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors Health Checks

As well as stockists for 99% of all TPMS Sensors we have the expertise and knowledge to carry out a Health check on your existing sensors we will be able to read the battery life and visually inspect the stem for failure. In the event that your sensor is no longer serviceable we can offer a cost effective replacement.

No need to book – available Monday to Friday from our Head Office or the ACD Autocentre in Oswaldtwistle.

TPMS Consumables

We have a full range of spare and replacement parts available for your TPMS Sensors. From stems, caps and valves to specialist fitting accessories and more we can deliver direct to your door.

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