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Winter Tyres & TPMS

Winter Tyres & TPMS


The time to change to and from summer and winter tyres is both a geographical and personal decision. Whenever this time maybe it requires a decision to purchase or not to purchase a second set of wheels which also needs to be followed up with the question.




At TPMS Warehouse we strongly recommend installing a second set of sensors in your Winter Wheels whether this be cloned sensors* for vehicles which need this option or if your vehicle has the option for a second set of TPMS already installed in the ECU.


** We can clone your original sensors with a unique identification number to avoid costly diagnostic costs whenever you change from summer to winter wheels **


Of Course, there are customers tempted to disable this safety feature, which is potentially life threatening. It has multiple benefits for example:

  • Increased fuel economy
  • Decrease in tyre wear
  • Reduced environmental impact


For a set of winter wheels, we recommend a Rubber snap in valve as this offers further protection against the road salts which can cause the Aluminium valve stems to corrode.

*Speak to one of our sales team to see if we have a rubber valve compatible with your vehicle for this option*

Winter tyres

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Published Date: 7th December 2017
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