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Motorbike Retrofit Wireless TPMS Kit – Internal Sensors

Motorbike Retrofit Wireless TPMS Kit – Internal Sensors




Internal Strap type – Suitable for Rubber or Metal Stems.

Kit comes complete with Monitor, Handlebar Mount and 2 Internal Sensors.

Whether riding your bike for pleasure, commuting or competition, safety is paramount. Through technology TPMS gives the rider:


  • Real-time Tyre Pressure and Temperature reading
  • Battery voltage monitoring
  • Improved riding safety
  • Easy Installation
  • Additional tank mount available

We stock Black or Silver Display Units – Please advise when ordering which you would like.

How TPMS Works:


Sensor/ Transmitter fitted inside tyre to ensure accurate real-time Pressure and Temperature reading. Secured around rim by stainless steel strap.

Data transmitted wirelessly using RF technology, simultaneously displayed on Receiver.
Receiver has built-in antenna and waterproof up to IP66
Real time detection and warning for :
High/Low Pressure and High Temperature*
Fast leak
Slow leak (Continuous air loss over set period of time)
Easy replacement of sensor/transmitter during tyre change


*High/Low Limits can be set by users easily according to bike specification/ tyre maker recommendation


We Stock 2 Sensor Types:


There are two different types of tyre pressure monitoring systems available for motorcycles – the internal strap type and external cap type.


Internal Strap type – Suitable for Rubber or Metal Stems


The strap / band type TPMS is mounted with a stainless steel strap on to each wheel of the vehicle. This type of TPMS provides a much more accurate reading than the cap type but it may need to be fitted by a garage due the tyre needing to be removed (wheels may require balancing after fitting). The battery is better protected because it is in a sealed unit, however, on the downside, it means that it cannot be replaced.


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TPMS for Motorbikes

We have a retrofit solution for Motorcycles

At the TPMS Warehouse we have various solutions for vehicles that weren’t fitted with TPMS as standard, and that line up now includes TPMS for Bikes.

Why TPMS is important :


With just two wheels making contact with the road, it is important to maintain correct tyre inflation on a motorbike. If in the course of the ride the tyre is damaged and starts to lose pressure a TPMS system will provide an early warning and opportunity to minimise an incident or sustain damage.


TPMS systems save you fuel, prolong the lifespan of tyres  and help reduce your carbon footprint.


Tyre pressure is directly linked to performance, under inflated tyres cause increased rolling resistance whilst overinflated tyres cause increased wear and loss of grip.

Benefits of fitting TPMS

Our retrofit TPMS for Motorbikes offers numerous benefits including;  optimum Safety, Economy and Performance.

  • Easy to Install and operate
  • Real time – Live Tyre Pressure & Temperature
  • Fuel Saving & Blowout Prevention
  • Wireless Transmission and Reception

Why are there two options for fitment?

There are two options for optimal fitment on a motorcycle; both use the same monitor that can be mounted on the handlebars or the tank (with an optional tank mount), but whether you choose an external sensor or an internal sensor depends on the configuration of your wheels, if you have rubber stems the only option available is the internal strap type sensor.

Motorbike Sensor

Cap Type – External Sensor

**It is recommended that Cap type sensors are only used with metal valves.**

This is the easiest and quickest type to install, all you have to do is simply attach to the valve (although the wheels may need balancing). The batteries on this unit are replaceable, although the temperature reading may not be as accurate. Suitable for the daily rider and commuter use.

Strap Type – Internal Sensor

**Suitable for all valve types**

This type of TPMS is mounted inside the wheel on a steel strap; which eliminates DIY fitting and may require the wheels to be rebalanced as the tyre will need to be removed from the rim. This type of sensor is better protected because it is a sealed unit, however this means the battery cannot be replaced.

Technical Info:

The receiver has a built in antenna and is waterproof to IP66, gives a real time warning and detection for High or Low Pressure, High Temperature, Fast Leaks or Slow Leaks. The warning limits can be easily setup by users according to the bike specification or tyre manufacturer guidance.

Uses RF technology to the European 433.92 MHz to display live data.

receiver specification

Warning: motorcycle TPMS are not compatible with tube-type tires, unless the tubes have metal valve stems and those metal stems are securely anchored to the rim.

Trade Enquiries Welcome – Excellent Resale Opportunity

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