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Cloning Missing Sensors

When your sensors are missing and you have been advised we need to cloning the originals, you may be thinking this is impossible.

However all may not be lost….

  • The ID for each sensor will be stored on the vehicles ECU
  • You will need to get the codes via specific diagnostic equipment
  • Contact your local diagnostics specialist or dealer and enquire if they can retrieve the ID’s for you.
  • Once the ID’s have been retrieved check which wheel they are assigned to
  • include this information with your order to TPMS Warehouse


We can then supply your complete cloned sensor pre-programmed to the vehicle using the ID’s you provided.

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Published Date: 29th November 2017
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Schrader TPMS 90-Degree Stem option

A tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) sensor with 90-degree stem options has been developed for the Schrader Performance Sensors EZ-sensor product line.

Schrader Performance Sensors says the new 90˚ EZ-sensor is the only TPMS sensor that properly fits into aftermarket wheel applications with 90-degree valve holes.

The company plans to offer the new 90˚ EZ-sensor in mid-2018. The sensor will accommodate two stem types, a straight valve and a bent valve to adapt to even more rim types. The aluminum stems will be offered in silver and matte black colors.

The new 90˚ TPMS sensor features the same technology and benefits as Schrader’s EZ-sensor. This patented, programmable technology combines 314.9, 315 and 433 MHz into a single, programmable sensor. The company says the new 90˚ EZ-sensor is OE quality and future-proofed to accommodate new and pending OE technology, like auto-location.


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Published Date: 22nd November 2017
Category: Fitting, Schrader, TPMS, Valve Kit
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