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Frequently Asked Questions


Who Can Fit My TPMS Sensors

The TPMS will need to be installed by a professional tyre fitter, bellow is a list of fitters recommended by TPMS Warehouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do TPMS Sensors Work?

Every sensor has a unique identification that it transmits to a receiver via wireless remote frequency at 433 MHz (euro standard). The receiver then transmits the data to the controller allowing the information to display to the driver.
They are powered by an internal battery; this battery cannot be replaced. The battery life is expected to last up to 5-7 years’ dependant on annual mileage. To save energy the sensor doesn’t transmit data unless it is rotating, which also prevents the spare tyre from being monitored.  With every transmission of data, the sensor will also send a battery state signal, which workshop tools can use to diagnose a low battery.

If the TPMS Fails Will This Illuminate a Warning Light ?

If the TPMS Fails Will This Illuminate a Warning Light? Tyre monitor sensors
Yes, the TPMS warning light will typically illuminate to make the driver aware that there has been a failure in the sensor or to indicate that there has been pressure loss on one of the tyres and has become 25% under inflated.
TPMS sensors can fail due to impact, over tightening, not using the correct tyre valve core, electronic failure or battery discharge.
Some vehicles will self-program a newly installed TPMS sensor, however some will require a relearn procedure as per handbook or a professional technician to programme it to your vehicle.

Do I Have to Have my TPMS Sensors Installed?

Yes, from 2014 will include all cars that had TPMS fitted as standard after 2012, as part of the MOT in the UK your vehicle must have any original safety features activated and fully working. Effective from November 2014 all new cars sold in the UK will have TPMS fitted as standard.

Can You Replicate My Existing TPMS Sensors for my Seasonal Tyre Changes?

Yes, we will need the unique identifier from each sensor to enable us to clone your existing sensors. This will make the relearn procedure simpler, and ensure you have TPMS fitted all year round without the need to transfer them over with each seasonal change.

If I order a sensor what will I receive?

All our ready to fit sensors come complete with valve stems and fitting components – check the product information page to verify.

Will they be the right frequency?

Our sensors are pre-programmed at 433.92 mhz this is suitable for 99% of vehicles in the UK and throughout Europe, we refer to it as 433 mhz.
This frequency has been implemented to ensure minimal interference and ensure a dependable service throughout the life of the sensor.
We also have 315mhz options available – call us for information or contact us via chat.


What Psi can they go up to?

We have many options available: Typically Rubber Snap-In Valves are developed for a maximum speed of 130 mph (210 km/h) and a maximum working tire pressure of 65 psi (4.5 bar). We strongly recommend the use of Clamp-In Valves for vehicles that are able to drive faster than 130 mph (210 km/h) and/or for tires with a working pressure of more than 65 psi (4.5 bar). Most UK vehicles operate under 50 Psi so there are no worries there.

 Can I get replacement stems and valves?

Yes, we hold stocks of replacement stems and valves. Please call us to order any spare or replacement parts or search via your vehicle search.

 Can I install them myself?

The TPMS will need to be installed by a professional tyre fitter, as special TPMS Torque Wrench tools are required to install them to the manufacturer specifications. Full fitting instructions are included on the warranty leaflet. We sell fitting tools direct in the shop.

 What Warranty is included?

We include a 12-month warranty on all new TPMS or 12,000 miles of use whichever occurs first. We warrant that the product will be free from manufacturer defects in workmanship and materials.
In the event that within this period that the product proves to be defective, the manufacturer will replace the product at no cost. If it is determined that the product has been subject to accident, misuse or abuse this warranty will be void.
 In the event of a claim under Warranty we will need the following to be returned:
 ·  Copy of invoice
 ·  The malfunctioning sensor and components.
 Warranty claims will not be accepted without these.
 Some items have longer Warranty periods direct from the manufacturer.

When is it necessary to teach the sensors to the vehicle?

If a new sensor ID is generated then this has to be learned on the vehicle.
The teaching procedures on vehicles differ considerably. Basically, a difference is made between four versions: automatic teaching, during a drive procedure, via the OBDII interface in the vehicle or manually on the on-board computer. You can find out the procedure to be used in the vehicle manual or by contacting the manufacturer.
For convenience we have tried to supply the relearn required alongside the search your vehicle facility. To avoid having to teach in new sensors – we can clone your originals as described below.

How can the sens.it® be used to duplicate (clone) an original sensor?

A duplicate of the component can be manufactured using the serial number (ID) of the current original sensor installed in the vehicle to be replaced.

With this procedure, teaching the sensor on the vehicle is no longer necessary which is a clear benefit with regard to saving time.
There are two options for determining the ID number:
1)  reading out the ID of the sensor electronically using a diagnosis device, or
2)  immediately reading out the ID from the sensor housing after removing the tyre.
This ID number is entered in the data field “OE sensor” for the programming. Detailed instructions for the procedure of the entire programming process can be found in the product descriptions or on www.ALLIGATOR-ventilfabrik.de under the installation instructions.

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